Poetry / Translation

“Gazelle of the Bitter Root” by Federico Garcia Lorca

Gazelle of the Bitter Root
Federico Garcia Lorca
Translated by Patrick Meighan

There is a bitter root

And a world of a thousand terraces

Nor can a tiny hand

Shatter the water’s door

Where are you going, where, O where?

The sky has a thousand windows –

Each a battle of enraged bees –

And there is a bitter root


Pain in the foot’s sole

Is pain in the center of the face

And pain in the cold core

Newly sliced from the night.

Love, my enemy!

Bite your bitter root!

(Certain lines were influenced by the translation of Edwin Honig)

Patrick Meighan teaches a poetry workshop at Nashua Community College in New Hampshire. His poems have appeared in various online and print journals, including Inflectionist Review, Flash!Point, Wilderness House Literary Review, Alexandria Quarterly Magazine, and others. He co-edited “Images from Ruin,” an anthology of 9/11 poems, and his chapbook “Jurisprudence” was published in 2014. Patrick received his MFA in poetry from the low-residency program at New England College.

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