“My Middle Name Will Be Carlos” by Patrick Meighan

My Middle Name Will Be Carlos
Patrick Meighan

I dreamt last night a street –

white stucco houses breathing sun

they shone, bidding an amicable buenos dias

an old woman in bright plumes

and with bare birdlike feet

leaned in the shade

was this a dream or a memory?

A fat cigar was in her lips

thick smoke, white rising above the white

Senora, it is still morning! The blue is unbroken!

Passing by, a wary dog avoids you, avoids me,

avoids this dream

Is this a dream? Is it memory? Maybe premonition?

From inside a white house with yellow flowers

comes a sound, the pounding of tortillas,

just as I awaken, the flies in this street

beginning to buzz

Patrick Meighan teaches a poetry workshop at Nashua Community College in New Hampshire. His poems have appeared in various online and print journals, including Inflectionist Review, Flash!Point, Wilderness House Literary Review, Alexandria Quarterly Magazine, and others. He co-edited “Images from Ruin,” an anthology of 9/11 poems, and his chapbook “Jurisprudence” was published in 2014. Patrick received his MFA in poetry from the low-residency program at New England College.

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